Nail studio with a focus on quality and service

Manicure, pedicure and pododological services in Brno
  • 3600+
    satisfied customers
  • 5 years
    from the opening
  • 15+
    experienced specialists
Professional service
beautiful, high-quality and safe
Premium materials
with quality and safe compositions, 200+ colors, wide range of designs
Quality standards
unified working technique, allows you to have confidence in any of our specialists
Clean instruments
3-stage instrument cleaning for each customer: disinfection and sterilisation
Powerful team
something we are proud of
The best certified specialists
• with experience from 1 year
• received training and internships
• continuously deepen their skills
Trained admins take care of your comfort
• find a suitable time
• offer several types of coffee and tea
• help with color and design choices
Pleasant atmosphere
relax, and we'll take care of you.
Convenient location
we are easily accessible, because we are located in the very center of Brno, Koliště 49.
Parking lot nearby
Our works
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Manicure | Pedicure | Pododological services
"Proud of our team – they are great professionals and people who share the values of the studio"
Adele Tulkubay, founder of Adele Studio, Adele Nail School, authorised instructor
With us you will find your nail artist
categories of manicurists – so that you will find the right one
These are full-fledged professionals with the same quality of manicure as the manicurists of the category "Specialist", but the Junior takes a little more time.

Manicure with soak off gel polish
Duration 120-150 min
Price 750 Kč

Know how to do everything, do it quickly, beautifully and with quality. The golden median.

Manicure with soak off gel polish
Duration 90-120 min
Price 850 Kč

Their experience in the studio allows them to solve the most difficult problems of your nails, to make the most beautiful designs.

Manicure with soak off gel polish
Duration 90-120 min
Price 950 Kč

Do you want only the best? Then you can book to a current course lecturer.

Manicure with soak off gel polish
Duration 90-120 min
Price 1100 Kč

They have been trained and are just getting into working in the studio. Their prices are much lower, but the manicure lasts longer.

Manicure with soak off gel polish
Duration 2-3 hod
Price 500 Kč

Guest reviews
4,8/5 ⭐ on Google and Facebook
Lorelai Balan
Altegio review
This was my third time at Adele Studio, I was treated with patience and kindness, like always. My nail artist was super professional and competent. Truly recommend!
Yulia Okhatrina
Google review
Great specialists and amazing service. Only disinfected instruments, many different nail polish colours.
Anna Laštovičková
Google review
Absolutely perfect. The nail master was very helpful while I was picking the right colour, and perfectly precise, gentle and attentive during the manicure. I don't usually get my nails done so I was a bit nervous, but she was very kind and patient. I'm really happy with the result, and I'll definitely be back. :)
Marie Suchánková
Altegio review
My manicurist was excellent, concentrated on details, pleasant and quick. I am very satisfied and I'm going to make a reservation again.
Altegio review
Very good service and maintenance. They always take care of their client, help to choose and realize what you want. My nail artist did her job impeccably, worked out everything to the smallest detail. I got used to good service and did not expect to find it in the Czech Republic.
Altegio review
The nail artist is amazing! My nails look very nice, she was super careful to make them perfect. I'm definitely coming back)
Altegio review
The quality of work is the best in Brno. Nice atmosphere and service. All your dreams about nail design will come true. Nail artists really take care about their customers
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Adele Studio
Manicure, pedicure and podology
Koliště 49, Brno
+420 775 123 880
Provozní doba: dle objednání, IČO: 07092768, Odpovědná osoba: Adel Tulkubaeva, Obchodní podmínky